EAN number

EAN number

Do you sell products that you want to resell on other platforms such as Amazon? Then your products must have a unique EAN number. You can easily buy this EAN number - or European Article Number - online, making your product suitable for any online platform.

This unique 13 digit EAN number allows all products to be indexed without error. This is especially important for homemade products or imported goods. Would you like to know more about the EAN number and what you can do with it? Continue reading or go straight to buying your EAN number online.

What is an EAN number?

An EAN number - also called EAN code - is a unique 13 digit code that can be used to distinguish different products. This number can be found under the barcode of a product and provides a unique identifier.

This makes the EAN number easy to register in a digital system, and it saves you the hassle of having to manually manage your stock and product sales. It is legally required to have an EAN number for every product sold online.

Buy your EAN numbers easily online

If you need EAN numbers for your products, you can easily order them online. Within a few clicks, you add the amount of EAN numbers you need to your shopping cart and you will receive them by e-mail after completing payment. The amount of codes you need varies per person. This depends on the number of products you need a number for. When you order an EAN number, you will also receive a free associated barcode. The associated unique number is issued only once, making them easy to track in your personal business environment, so you can always find them easily.

Eancodeshop is ready for you

The EAN number you buy can only be used online, mainly in e-commerce. If you want to buy an EAN number or want to know more about it, we are happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us for more information or order your EAN number online right away.