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Would you like to buy eannumbers but are you lost because of all the information around on the internet. We understand. This is why we started our eancode shop. When you got products and tried to apply them to platforms such as Amazon and Ebay it could happen they get declined because of an invalid eancode. At our shop you purchase eancodes onetime and these eancodes will never be sold to anyone else, this means the eancodes will always be yours. Online you can find multiple names for EAN numbers: EAN13, EAN Code, EAN numbers and GTIN. This all belongs to the same group (ean codes) but with different names. So It doesn't matter under what name you got here, our eancodes is what you need to sell online. You will always receive EAN 13 numbers which will work on all online platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Google shopping, Bol.com etc etc...

Advantages of our ean numbers

Ean numbers can be sold many different ways, some eancode resellers sell invalid eancodes or resell them multiple times, sometimes you just don't know anymore what you need because of all the different names people give to ean13 numbers (GTIN, EAN13, etc), like we said before this is why we started eancodeshop.co.uk. We want to give people a clear picture of what eancodes are. This is why you know for sure that the eancodes you receive from us are legit and will work:

  • All our eannumbers are only sold once
  • When you place an order with us you will automatically receive the eancodes in your e-mail including free barcodes. In your own account that you will receive you can re-download them.
  • The eannumbers work on the following platforms and more: Amazon, eBay, Beslist, bol.com, Google Shopping etc etc.
  • All eannumbers come with free barcodes for you to use.